Stainless Steel Color Powder Coating Parts

The powder coating is different from traditional liquid coatings. The coating film has excellent leveling, decoration, mechanical property, and strong corrosion resistance. It can be a coating to stainless steel and other materials surface.

Technic Data:

Main Material: Resin

Specific gravity: 1.2-1.7g/cm3( depend on colors)

Average particle size:35-40 μm

Curing Schedule: 200°C 10minutes

Impact resistance >50kg/cm

Pencil hardness 1H-2H

Adhesion cross-cut test 0 level.

Bending test 2mm

Hot & Humidity test ≥1000 hours

Salt spray test ≥1000 hours

Strength: Scratch resistance, abrasion resistance

Application method: Electrostatic spray

Application field: Stainless steel, furniture, household appliances, computers, communications, electronic products, construction machinery, street lamp poles, automobiles and accessories, traffic guardrails, platforms, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, oil, gas and water pipes, curtain walls of skyscrapers, building materials.

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