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What is Point Fixed Glass Curtain Wall?

Point fixed glass curtain wall, also known as point supported glass wall or structural glazing wall, is composed of the point fixing bolts and toughened glass through the spider fittings, the stainless-steel glass spider is an important connector and stress parts.

The Features and Applications of Point Supported Glass Wall?

The point supported glass wall takes the transparent architectural glass so that the indoor space can be seen directly from the outside. No frame structure affects the sightline, only a simple structural tension rod or cable system, which makes the interior feel bright, open, and crystal clear. It is suitable for large public buildings, such as opera houses, exhibition halls, airport terminals, the commercial hotel lobby, the glass elevator, the light roof, and the main entrance canopy.

Construction and installation of point fixed glass curtain wall

The point-fixed glass wall can be connected with the spider fitting and the spider routel through the hole in the glass, which can be connected with four points, six points or eight points. The upper two spider bolts support the self-weight of the glass. The other spider bolts are mainly to resist wind pressure and displacement compensation.

The construction process of point support glass wall is very strict and complex; the following is the installation process of the structural tension system glass wall:

Measurement and alignment – Buried component calibration – Mounting and welding of trusses – Calibration check – Connecting tension cables – Application of prestressing -Calibration check – Connecting vertical load-Bearing cables – Application of prestressing – Overall adjustments – Adjustment test – Gluing – Repair and examine – Cleaning – Cleaning up the site -Submitted for final inspection.

The Classifications of Glass Spider Fittings

By the support structure: There are steel structure spider fitting, structural tension rod or cable spider fittings and glass fin spider fitting;

By shape: There are X-, V-, H- and I-shaped spider fittings;

By specifications: There are 150, 160, 200, 210, 220, 250, 300, 400, 420, 600mm, etc;

The point-fixed spider fittings are made of stainless steel 316 or 304 grade. And the base of the glass connector is made of Q235(ST37) steel.

The pre-stressing suspensions of the point support glass walls are all made of the stainless steel wire with various forms. The suspension is a flexible structure, and the rods have no stiffness before pre-stressing is applied. The steel cable should be pre-tensioned before it used to test its strength and increase its rigidity.

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