Stainless Steel Railing Posts

Qwares is a leading manufacturer of high quality stainless steel railing posts. Our factories are located in Wuxi and Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, China – the biggest stainless steel production area in the country. We offer a custom service for top brands and have a wide variety of designs to choose from for your railing needs. Competitively priced, our products are made from the highest quality materials and backed by a team of experts with years of experience in the industry.

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What is Stainless Steel Railing Posts

Balustrade post is the structure of railings. It connects with the glass, wires, bracket, base plate, and other fittings. As the stainless steel balustrade supplier with 20+ years of experience, Qwares offers the professional design and manufacturing details below. 

Stainless Steel Balustrade Post Materials

The stainless steel balustrade posts components make according to the corrosive environment. Except for stainless steel, the surfaces of other railing parts are treated with anti-corrosion and anti-aging.

Austenitic stainless steel SUS304, 316, or 316L should recommend for ss balustrade.

SS Railing Posts Structural Design

The components of architectural railings should meet the requirements of bearing capacity, stiffness, and stability.

The structure of stainless steel balustrade accessories should avoid harm to the human body. And easy to clean, maintain and replace.

The fabricated type of stainless steel balustrade posts should be adopted, and the welding at the construction site should be reduced.

Lightning protection design shall be carried out for outdoor stainless steel balustrade.

Railing Post Body Thickness

The wall thickness of stainless steel balustrade tubing posts shall be > 2.0 mm, the thickness of stainless steel single solid plate balustrade shall > 8.0 mm, the thickness of stainless steel double solid plate railing post shall be > 6.0 mm, and the wall thickness of stainless steel handrail tube shall be > 1.5 mm.

The wall thickness of the aluminum alloy balustrade pipe post shall be > 3.0 mm.

The thickness of aluminum alloy single solid plate shall be >10.0 mm, 

the thickness of aluminum alloy double solid plate posts shall be > 8.0 mm, 

And the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy pipe handrail shall be >2.0 mm.

Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade Posts Design

The glass for stainless steel glass railing shall be tempered or laminated glass and should be subject to edge grinding and chamfering not less than 1 mm. The edge grinding shall be round.

It is not suitable to carve patterns on glass balustrade panels.

The influence of construction error, temperature and stress on glass balustrade panel should be considered. When the glass balustrade adopts the point support structure, nylon or aluminum alloy and other materials should be used as the washer and gasket between the glass panel connection and the glass. The washer and gasket thickness should not be less than 1 mm, and take the adjustable connection design parts.

When the glass balustrade panel fixes on two sides, the glass embedded amount shall not be less than 15mm; when the glass railing panel fixed on four sides, the glass embedded amount shall not be less than 12mm.

Stainless Steel Balustrading Post Category

By the Post Shape:

Tube Balustrading Post: There are round, square, and slot tube railing posts.

Solid Railing Panel Post: There are single, double, and three solid plate balustrade posts. 

Special shaped balustrade post: The special-shaped posts will be manufactured by laser cutting, welding or even investment casting.railings

By Stainless Steel Balustrade Posts Installation Type:

There are base plate decking balustrade post, side-mounted railing posts, etc. Check our design of 20+ deck railing base plate.

By Decking Railing Posts Style :

Stainless Steel Glass Railing Posts

Stainless steel glass pendant and stainless steel glass clip are used to fix the glass. Generally, 8mm ~ 12mm single tempered glass is clamped. Or laminated tempered glass, the size depends on the drawing.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade Post 

There are 10-12 perforations holes with a diameter of 3.2mm cable. The cable balustrade posts are manufactured by stainless steel round, square piper, or solid steel sheet plate.

By Balustrade Post Surface Treatment:

Non-Colored Stainless Steel Balustrade Posts

Surface treatment like satin, mirror polish finish. 

Copper Stainless Steel Railing Post 

The metal surface with a copper coating layer through chemical treatment makes it high-grade and luxurious. More used for fine decoration, such as villas, hotels, exhibition halls, and other places.

Powder coating SS railing posts

The railing posts can be powdered coating to black, white, silver, and other colors.

Whether you’re looking for a simple design or something more elaborate, Qwares has the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.