Color Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

What is the color stainless steel?

Colored stainless steel is based on the principle of electrolysis, plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of stainless steel. During electroplating. The coating metal is used as the anode, which is oxidized into positive ions and enters the electroplating solution. The stainless steel to be plated is used as the cathode. The cation of the coating metal is reduced on the metal surface to form the coating.

Characteristics of color stainless steel

Color stainless steel has the unique luster and strength of stainless steel and has different colors, durable colors, and stronger corrosion resistance.

The color luster of colored stainless steel has no change after being exposed to the industrial atmosphere for six years, exposed to marine climate for 1.5 years, immersed in boiling water for 28 days, or heated to about 300 ℃.

Color stainless steel sheet can be molded, drawn, and bent.

Application of color stainless steel

1. Used for building exterior wall decoration and interior decoration.

2. Color stainless steel combined with printing, using etching, grinding and dot method to produce indelible three-dimensional relief, murals and screens.

3. Use colored stainless steel to make household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment and toilet utensils.

4. The heat absorption rate of black stainless steel plate can be as high as 91% ~ 93%.

Color stainless steel sheet metal material:

Austenite is the most suitable coloring material for color stainless steel, which can obtain satisfactory color appearance. Ferritic stainless steel will corrode in coloring solution, and the color obtained is not bright. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, low chromium high carbon martensitic stainless steel can only get gray color or black surface

The commonly used austenitic stainless steel grades are 201, 202, 304, 304L, 310S, 309S, 316, 316L, 321, etc.

Classification of color stainless steel

1. Color stainless steel mirror sheet plate

Mirror panel, also known as 8K plate, is polished on a stainless steel surface with grinding fluid through polishing equipment, so that the plate surface brightness is as clear as a mirror, and then electroplated and colored

2. Colored stainless steel hairline sheet metal

The surface of the drawing board is matte silk texture. There is a trace of texture on it if you look carefully, but you can’t feel it. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary bright stainless steel and looks more advanced.

There are many kinds of patterns on the drawing board, such as hair silk (HL), snow sand (NO4), and lines (random), cross lines. According to the requirements, all the lines are processed by oil polishing machine and then electroplated and colored.

3. Color stainless steel sandblast sheet

Zirconium beads used in sandblasting plates are processed on stainless steel plate surface by mechanical equipment, which makes the surface of sandblasting plate present fine bead sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Then plating and coloring.

4. Color stainless steel combination process sheet plate

According to the process requirements, various processes such as polishing hairline, pvd coating, etching and sandblasting are combined on the same plate, and then electroplated and colored

5. Color stainless steel random pattern panel

From a distance, the pattern of random pattern plate is composed of a circle of sand grains, and the nearby one is an irregular random pattern, which is polished by the irregular swing of grinding head up and down, and then electroplating and coloring.

6. Color stainless steel etching sheet plate

Etching plate is a kind of deep processing after the mirror panel, wire drawing plate and sand blasting plate are the bottom plates, and the surface is etched with various patterns by chemical methods. The etched plate is processed with multiple complex processes, such as blending pattern, wire drawing, inlaying gold, titanium gold, etc., to achieve the effect of alternating light and dark patterns and gorgeous colors.

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