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Designs, develops, manufactures and tests custom-made parts for architectural projects from China

Why Choose Qwares as Your Long-term Supplier of Building Materials

Located in the worldwide largest industrial city Suzhou, China’s third-largest export city. The hometown of I.M. Pei, who won the Pritzker Prize in 1983 and is known as “the last master of high modernist architecture”.

20 years of experience in supplying construction materials to China’s largest building decoration group – Golden Mantis (Acquired the world’s largest hospitality interior design firm HBA  International USA in 2013), exported experience for some other large global construction companies like Permasteelisa.

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Architectural BIM design support including archicad, rhinoceros, autocad, etc.
Supplier management (inspection plan, data collection, evaluation and escalation, incoming and outgoing shipments, reporting).
Workflow management.

3D Design

3D printing is gaining importance, acceptance and adoption throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to logistics and warehousing. Qwares offer new 3D design for your inquiry in 24 hours, and express the new samples in 48-72 hours.


We have been working side by side with building material manufacturers to provide quality management systems for their quality issues.


As a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction materials, you are faced with quality standards from initial design to production. How does the regulation of these standards ensure that your quality efforts reduce recalls, rejects and rework?

our TEAMs

China’s most prominent advantage as the world’s factory is its industrial clusters. In places like Suzhou, all the services needed by the building materials industry can be found within a few dozen kilometers, including product packaging design, innovation, and consulting services, which are not easy to achieve in other countries.

– Jason Wu (Founder)

3D collaborative design technology shows the project design results by computer in the form of 3D models, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of the project, shortens the construction cycle, provides a more intuitive final effect for the owner, and also reduces the rate of design changes and effectively improves the efficiency of design and construction work.

– Rory Xu (Designer)


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