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Glass block is also called glass brick. It is block or hollow box-shaped glass products pressed and shaped with clear or colored glass. The main categories are glass hollow blocks, solid glass blocks, and mosaics are not included. In most cases, glass blocks and used as structural materials, such as walls, screens, shower partitions, windows, etc.

History of glass block

Invented in 1929, the glass block was pressed into shape with high temperature resistant glass and combined with two half blanks Corning-Stenben glass block and Owens-Illinois glass block were the predecessors of the patent of Pilkington Brothers Ltd. in St. Helens, England.

Glass block manufacturing process

Glass blocks have two production methods: fusion or gluing method.

Glass block fusion method manufacture process:

Mixing of raw materials → melting → shearing → pressing half-blanks → fusing → annealing → inspection → painting → packaging.

Glass block gluing method:

The side walls of two concave half glass block blanks embedded in the groove of the thermoplastic ring with a cross-section of H-shaped, with the help of sealing materials, under the action of temperature and extrusion to soften the surface, and then the two concave half glass block blanks firmly bonded together to form a whole hollow glass block.
Compared with the fusion method, the glued glass block product costs less and the product size is more accurate, but the strength is much lower than the fusion method blocks.

Glass block dimension

Regular size (50x100x200mm, 50x200x200mm)
Small size (50x50x200mm, 25x50x200mm,25x100x200mm)
Thick size (50x50x240mm)
Special specification brick (240x240x80mm,190x90x80mm)
Qwares offers glass blocks in customizable sizes with hole inside for installation.

Glass block applications

Generally room spaces do not want dark rooms (rooms without light), and even walkways want to have light. The use of glass blocks, both the role of partition, but also to bring light into the room, but also has a good sound insulation effect.
Glass blocks can be used on exterior walls or interior partitions, providing good lighting and a sense of continuity of space. Whether it is used as a single inlay or as a whole wall, it can have a finishing touch.

Glass block performance

Glass blocks have excellent fire resistance and fireproofing properties. According to Japanese regulations, single-pane glass block walls are recognized as having the same performance as Type B fire doors, and double-pane glass block walls are recognized as having a one-hour fire resistance.
Glass blocks are used in bathrooms for light and sound transmission. Each glass block is partially hollow, insulating the outside from heat and noise.
Glass blocks are bright and airy in the room, allowing daylight to enter, allowing you to bask in the sunlight and saving electricity.

Qwares glass blocks showroom

Glass block styles

Glass tiles are available in clear glass tiles, matte glass tiles, and patterned glass tiles. The degree of light refraction can vary from glass block to glass block.
Glass tile available in a variety of colors, the purity of the glass is will affect the color of the entire brick, the higher the purity of the glass tile, the higher the relative price.
Transparent glass blocks that have not been dyed, if the purity is not enough, their glass block color will be green and lack a natural sense of transparency.

Glass block project

Glass blocks wall

not only has the entity of the wall, but also has the permeability of the window, moreover, there is light transmission, sound insulation, fire prevention, etc., can be said to be a multi-benefit.High-grade office buildings, hotels and other large places of the external wall can be used hollow glass blocks.

Glass blocks wall partition

using glass block wall to decorate the partition can divide the space while maintaining the integrity of the large space, which is a smart design, that is, to achieve the effect of privacy, but also to maintain the feeling of indoor permeability. Kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, toilet, office space are ideal occasions to apply glass block.

Glass blocks corridor and passage

Glass block used in the corridor to solve the contradiction of light and security, a glass block wall even if the wall is also a window. In the narrow channel area using glass block design to reduce the oppressive feeling of space, glass block in this area of application is by no means insulting.

Glass block mosaic and embellishment

glass blocks are regularly embellished in the wall, erasing the dead, heavy feeling of the wall, making people feel that the wall is light and the whole building is rich in the aura. On the other hand, the wall with glass blocks makes full use of the light transmission of glass blocks to bring more surprises to your home.

Glass block windows

Glass block shower:

Glass block for roof and floor

using glass blocks for the roof and floor can create a sense of crystal clarity for the whole building. Moreover, it provides good light, luxury, and opulence.

Glass Block Wholesale Price

The cost of glass blocks is based on the size you need.
You can choose any color, matte surface or with hole.
It’s cheaper if you buy them in large quantities.
The reference price for 50x100x200mm glass brick is only 2.00 usd/pcs.

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