ASK Qwares #01 How to design structural glass wall by fin spider fittings?

How to design structural glass wall by fin spider fittings?

1.Recommend taking toughened insulating glass as the glass fin wall panel because it has excellent thermal insulation properties.
2.Please using toughened laminated glass as a fin glass because of the safety features and resistance to bending.
3.Qwares® Adjustable design fin spider fittings made of stainless steel 316 are recommended, because of their strong corrosion resistance, and ability to absorb wind pressure deformation and reduce glass breakage.
4.Recommended Qwares® floating cap design thermal insulated stainless steel spider routel, because of easy installation& maintenance and good insulation.
5. It is recommended to use 8mm thick stainless steel plate to hold the laminated glass fin, which has high connection strength and force transmission capacity.
6. Qwares® 200, 220, 250 series stainless steel fin spider are recommended, It has strong torque and load for the larger glass wall panel.
7. It takes the soft nylon or aluminum gasket to flex connect between stainless steel fittings and tempered glass. To avoid glass breakage due to rigid connections.
8. The silicone sealant has a better sealing performance. Coating it into the gaps of the glass wall panels.
9. It takes the M12 stainless steel acorn nuts and bolts to connect the fin glass, which can withstand big loads, suitable for large structural glass panels.

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