Stainless Steel Point Fixing Bolts for Architectural Glass

What is Point Fixing Bolts?

Point fixing bolts, also known as spider routel or swivel bolts, they fixed to the architectural glass wall by the spider fittings, the stainless-steel point fixed bolts is a vital stress glass connectors.

The Classifications of Point Fixing Bolts:

Sorted by glass bolts structure:

According to the structure, there are two kinds of swivel bolts: one with fixed screw and one with a ball in the head, which can rotate in all directions and swing in an arc of about 15 degrees, it can reduce the stress concentration in the glass pore when the glass under load.

A gasket should add to the hole of toughened glass wall panels. The gasket and rings generally made of soft metal or non-metallic soft materials. The Qwares® glass bolts come with aluminum or Nylon PA66 parts.

Sorted by glass bolts installation method:

There are four types of glass point fixing bolts: through type, external type, back-fix type, and clamping type.

The through-type glass bolts pass the round hole on the tempered glass wall panel, and the bolts cap is on the outside of the glass.

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The external spider bolts are applications for structural glass projects that cannot be installed indoors, such as glass curtain walls and canopy in small spaces. The outer plate can be removed. There are screws in front of the head, which can be tightened and fixed on the outside.

The back-fix swivel bolts does not pass through the glass holes. it enters about 60% of the glass thickness, which needs to pre-processed in the glass factory.

The through point-fixed bolts have floating and countersunk design. Floating head type is exposed on the surface of the glass dripping; the countersunk head type is sunk into the outer surface of the glass, and the surface is flat and beautiful, and the hole of the glass dripping is tapered, complicated. The thickness of the glass panels should not be less than 10mm.

The tempered glass does not need to drill hole by the clamp type spider routel, and the bolts put in the middle of the glass gap, which is fixed and clamped by screws.

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